Pork and Bacon

Northgate foods supply a large range of Pork and Bacon products to meet our customer’s requirements. Our Pork and Bacon products are of the highest quality and sourced from the UK and across Europe. We are also able to offer British Quality Assured Pork products (BQAP) with supermarket approval from the UK. The products can be supplied fresh or frozen.

Fresh pork products are always available at short notice, included in our range are pork backs, loins, Euro loins, Bellies, Boneless Shoulder and mince of various grades. We supply large quantities of Pork Legs for the production of gammons.

We always hold large quantities of frozen stocks in a number of approved cold stores around the UK, which enables us to be able to get product delivered quickly and efficiently to our customers. We are holding stocks of Belly Ribs from the major plants in Europe as well as manufacturing pork products such as belly strips, boneless shoulder meat, 80vl trimmings and fats. We are able to produce all pork products to our customer’s specifications.

Northgate Foods have a large range of bacon products available, within the range are popular products such as smoked and unsmoked Bacon trims, sliced product from leading UK and Irish plants, Gammons, Joints, Gammon Shanks and Hocks are other popular products that we can supply.


Speak to Northgate Foods for all your Fresh and Frozen Beef requirements. Northgate Foods are proud to work with their strong supplier base, many of whom have supplied the company for a long period of time. New suppliers are added ongoing as long as they meet our high demands for consistent quality and service.

Whether it be for round cuts for roasting or steak meats for the catering trade, trimmings, fats and offal’s for the manufacturing sector, Northgate Foods have the ability to offer prime Beef products to fit your required specifications and demands. Northgate are BRC Accredited and pride ourselves on the traceability and provenance credentials, with our team having a wealth of experience we fully understand all aspects of the breeds, quality and age required.

Our approved suppliers from the UK and across Europe and our global partners have to follow our strict quality requirements. Northgate Foods can supply all specific breeds and products and are able to also offer a large range of Halal certified Beef products and Organic Beef.

Lamb and Mutton

Northgate Foods is proud of its long standing relationships with processors of chilled and frozen Lamb from Europe, Australia and New Zealand. We are able to source fresh cuts on a daily basis such as Haunches, Loins, Legs and Chumps for the catering sector and Breasts, Fronts, Trimmings and Fat for manufacturing, all from our approved suppliers from the UK and Ireland. From New Zealand and Australia we can offer all primal cuts chilled or frozen from one pallet to a full container as well as trimmings, fats and offal’s for manufacturing. With a wealth of experience in dealing with lamb on a daily basis we are able to offer advice on the markets and can agree contracts to supply product for a fixed period.

Mutton Fronts and Breasts are sourced fresh on a daily basis from our approved suppliers in the UK and Ireland. We also have readily available from New Zealand, Australia and Europe frozen Mutton Legs, Backs Straps, Loins, Trimmings and Fats.