Northgate Foods have a wide range of Seafood products available for all sectors of the market. Top quality products sourced from our network of worldwide suppliers. We are able to offer full container loads of seafood products as well as having the flexibility to being able to offer mixed pallets of the different product as we have a large stock holding in our cold stores.

Northgate are able to supply a large range of prawn products in different graded sizes supplied in block packed or IQF packaging.

We source our Prawns from a number of countries in Asia including Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and China, from these countries we can offer Black Tiger prawns, Freshwater headless shell on prawns, IQF Freshwater prawns, Vannammei prawns peeled and devained, Vannammei prawns headless shell on, Cookeed and peeled prawns and value added prawns. We can also supply Head on Vannamei from Ecuador.

Northgate are also able to supply a large range of White Fish, such as Whole Pangasius, Pangasius Fillets, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Squid, Mackerel and many more.
We can also offer whole and filleted Salmon from the UK and continent, Cod, Haddock and Pollack are also available in our range.